My message

From the Solomon, Khyber and baba

from Pamir´s thunders

from the avalaunches of Spinghar, Torghar

Chunghar and Hindukush

from the storm of Kabul, Murghab and Amu rivers

from the tides of Helmand, harirod, Arghanab

and Abasin(Indus)

from the mettled tiolers

and from valorous Afghans

from freedom lovers and patriots

and from honest Muslims

have I brought a message

in the name of heroes

in the name of valorous Fedayins

in the name of courageous Palestinians

A message of unsparing support

friendship and solidarity

A message of unity and aid

of fraternity and common aims

our good and bad

our joy and our bitternes

our friends and enemies are the same

We have common blood and love

common death and life

common grave and shroud

Common is our thoughts and our action

our words and our movement

Commoc is our fame and our valour

our pease and our war

our hearts, our desires

our pains and our remedies

Common is our faith, our religion

our Meka and our belief

our hell and our paradise

our way and our destiny

One is our promise, our effort, our work

our measure and our future

Common is our hunger and thirst

our hardship and our poverty

this is the message