O Bulgar Muse

There in distant east

from the eleveted horizons of Balkan

with what grandeur comes out

the bright red diamond of the sun

tearing the dark unfathomable bottom of the

Cobra-like night

The life giving glow of the radiating rainbow

Kisses the tops of the skyscrapers-like tall trees

The ”golden peak” of ”Vitosha

where nightigale sings arresting songs in climes

with the thrill of high mouniains

which up and down is changed

with the enchanting music

of the flowing serene water

The supple fingers of the morning

unfurl the hair of wild flower

cleaning them with delicate grass

Down there in the flowery descends

and lash green meadows

the young gazelles and sheeps

grazing together

In the heart of these mountains

meadows, forests and rivers

the beautiful gardener in the fascinating

garden of Bulgaria

outshining the beauties of Orient and Occident

waters in the way of dew

red flowers, that are the red cheeks of the road

Her dark hair is scattered around her pink face

And her dark eyes representhe beauty

of the two continents

Symbolising the beautiful coexistence of the people